What to Expect from Your First Kayaking Adventure Trip

Kayaking is one of those activities that are on everyone's bucket list but few people actually get around to doing it in their lifetime. The most apparent reasons it that they think you have to be a professional to do it. But they couldn't be more wrong! When your first time is with a reliable tour operator, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

So, you're probably wondering what your first kayaking experience will be like? Well, in short, it will be mind-blowing. When you book your excursion with Kayak Adventures Cape Town, you can expect to experience the vast shoreline of beautiful Cape Town with its amazing marine life and seal sanctuary. You might even encounter a dolphin or two, some penguins and if it's whale season you'll definitely spot some whales.

The waters are calm so you don't have to worry about losing control of your kayak. If the weather is bad or dangerous, you simply won't go out.

Kayaking Tips and Techniques for Beginners

1. Make sure your paddle is the right way around and hold it a little wider than shoulder width.

2. Don't clench your paddle, try to have a relaxed grip.

3. The easiest way to paddle is to think about it this way: put your blade in the water and move past it, instead of pulling it through the water.

4. If you get stuck, ask your instructor who will be close by the entire time.

Staying Safe

Staying safe in the water should be your number one priority. While you don't need to know how to swim, it would be much better if you did.

Below are some safety considerations for kayaking:

1. Wear your life jacket at all times.

2. Don't wander off - stay close to the group.

3. Don't attempt this excursion when intoxicated.

4. Stay hydrated.

To book your kayaking adventure trip in Cape Town, get in touch with the team today!