The Beginners Guide to Sea Kayaking in Cape Town

Like many others, kayaking might be on your personal bucket list but you always avoid it because you think it's only meant for experienced adrenalin seeking individuals. But you couldn't be more wrong! The waters in Houtbay, Cape Town are extremely calm and perfect for seasoned and beginner kayakers.


What's even better is that you have the opportunity to book a guided kayak tour where you'll be able to experience Cape Town's most breathtaking shorelines. During this tour with Cape Town Kayak Adventures, you'll get a glimpse into the marine life of Cape Town as well as the seal sanctuary on Duiker Island.


Contrary to popular belief, these tours are not expensive at all. At only R400 per person, you'll find this two and a half hour tour to be of great value. If you would like to document your experience, you can always add R300 to rent a GoPro + 16Gb SD card.


There are some typical things to keep in mind before you book your guided kayaking tour like wearing appropriate clothing (swimwear and a jacket) and if you're prone to motion sickness, it's advised that you take motion sickness tablets before the tour.


You have to be at least 10 years old unless you're accompanied by an adult. While a kayak requires two passengers, don't be discouraged because you are single. We can partner you up with other single passengers. Since this is a guided tour, you are not allowed to wander off. You need to stay within 100 metres of the group for your own safety.


Take note: YOU WILL GET WET! And while swimming isn't a requirement, it would be beneficial in case of an emergency. Life jackets are not negotiable and before you start your adrenaline-filled kayak tour, you'll need to sign a waiver.


There's no way you can skip this long-awaited kayak tour now that you know all the details so don't wait too long before booking your tour with Kayak Adventures in Cape Town.